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Henry finds her home

Sep 8 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

Rest easy tonight, urban chicken lovers. The Music Row Chicken has come home to roost.

In a startling whirlwind of coincidence, the chicken, rescued yesterday moments before meeting its certain demise by Grand Ole Opry stalwart Too Slim of Riders In The Sky, was recognized, identified and finally returned to it distraught owner Lori.

"I sent a selfie of the chicken and me to our office," said Too Slim, "and Matt Fox said 'Hey! I know that chicken. I have a picture of me with that chicken.'" 

Turns out Henry, as the hen is known, is a stalwart attraction in the SESAC parking lot, and a favorite attraction of tourists and kids going to school in the neighborhood.

"Kids at my school were sad because they didn't see the chicken this morning," said University School of Nashville (USN/PDS) sophomore George LaBour. "I said 'I think that chicken's at my house. My Dad saved it yesterday.'"

Henry and Lori were happily reunited this afternoon. "She really loves that chicken," said Too Slim. "I never saw such sobbing and carrying on. I can see it, though. I was starting to bond with that bird myself. It's a pretty great chicken."

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