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Happy 43rd, Riders In The Sky!

Nov 11 | Posted by: Riders In The Sky

An appropriate gift for a 43rd anniversary is “travel,” which is a gift we’ve enjoyed thousands of times since that magic November 11, 1977, when Riders In The Sky first took the stage, or more precisely, the ill-lit corner of Herr Harry’s Franks N Steins, and began yodeling, warbling, and jesting until, as Uncle Bob would have said, “Hell wouldn't have it.”

Yes, the millions of miles we’ve logged in the saddle have seen us grow old, but, thank heavens, not up. I look back in wonder at the countless sweet moments onstage, the infinity of laughs, the smiles of folks who bought tickets and carried evocative western music and a sense of just plain fun in their hearts as they eased past the autograph table and back into what passes for reality.

I’m grateful to every single one of you, and to the folks who’ve booked us, supported us, fed us, and believed that a cowboy quartet playing obsolete music on antique instruments has a place in the pantheon of our beloved business of show.

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