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Downloads and information for Riders In The Sky show and event producers and promoters only.

Thank you for choosing Riders In The Sky. We look forward to working with you through what we consider an important partnership to help ensure your success. No matter what age or demographic, your audiences are in for hours of fun with America's Favorite Cowboys. Using the info and guidelines on this page will help you achieve greater recognition and increased success for your promotion. If you have questions about using any items available here, please contact:

Matt Fox
New Frontier Management
1503 17th Ave. South
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ph: (615) 321-6152
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Copy Guidelines

The files or photos used for show, event or product promotion must be from art or electronic files provided by New Frontier Management and/or Riders In The Sky. Photos must always appear in their entirety and may not be altered in any way other than resizing. The title of the band should always be capitalized as "Riders In The Sky" (all first letters capped).

How To Promote a Riders In The Sky Concert

Because Riders In The Sky are a variety attraction whose influences are drawn from numerous entertainment genres, a variety of formats should be utilized to effectively advertise and promote a Riders In The Sky concert.

  • Riders are America's Favorite Cowboys, carrying the torch passed on by Roy Rogers & Gene Autry.
  • Riders are stellar vocalists and instrumental virtuosos who have recorded over 30 albums, providing over three decades of the finest in western entertainment.
  • Riders are comedians, whose wacky western wit is an integral cornerstone of their live performance as well as their National Public Radio series, "Riders Radio Theater."
  • Riders are celebrated children's entertainers, whose Saturday morning network TV show, Grammy Award-winning children's albums and live performances have delighted Saddle Pals and their parents coast to coast.
  • Although their music is decidedly Western in style, the country music community has embraced Riders as well. Based in Nashville, Riders are performing members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Mass Media

This online press kit contains the all the latest photos, a full biography of the band and also the individual Riders, a video biography, career milestones, appearance posters, stage plot, and more.

Need something else? For publicity materials such as photos, posters, video and music, as well as interview requests, contact:

Matt Fox
New Frontier Management
1503 17th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212
ph: (615) 321-6152
fax: (615) 783-0974

DON'T FORGET to fill out the publicity sheet which is attached to your contract's tech rider!


  1. Local newspapers: It is much more beneficial to have a preview article than a concert review. Allow plenty of time to arrange this in advance with your local entertainment editor. Utilize Riders' photos and artwork to get the front page of the paper's weekend section. Don't forget to contact the calendar of events editor to utilize this free listing. Also, utilize the photos and artwork provided by the Riders to create the paid advertisements that will run in the entertainment section.
  2. Weeklies/County/"Free Pages": Don't overlook the entertainment calendars and inexpensive ad opportunities in these print outlets.
  3. Billboards: Especially in secondary markets, billboards can be a very cost effective element in your advertising campaign.
  4. Food Products: Milk cartons, bread wrappers and soda cans all sell advertising space. However, you must allow adequate advance time to capitalize on these opportunities.
  5. Posters: Trade out tickets to have college students paper your town with an aggressive poster campaign. Utilize public bulletin boards! Grocery stores, churches, apartment complexes, YMCA's, colleges, shopping malls, kiosks, book stores and libraries are some of the options which have bulletin boards available for posting. Also try retail outlets with street frontage windows. You'd be surprised who'll say yes if you just ask!


  1. Country:
    1. a) R&R/Billboard Stations - They won't play western music, but they will invite America's Favorite Cowboys as a guest during morning or afternoon drivetimes. Because comedy is an integral element in those segments, Riders are naturals to "drop in" and liven up their show with comedic bits they dub "Cattle-Drive Time Radio," at the same time plugging that evening's concert.
    2. b) The Secondaries - There are about 1,400 country stations across the U.S. that aren't reporters. Many of these DO play Riders In The Sky. Especially utilize their services. They make great show sponsors. Get them to step up Riders' airplay 2-4 weeks prior to the show.
  2. NPR: If you have a National Public Radio station in your market, chances are they've been airing Riders Radio Theater. These stations will turn cartwheels to be involved with your concert. They also usually have some type of free event and local happenings listing.
  3. College Radio: Many have special "niche" programs that feature acoustic music. Guess who fits the bill? It's also free, and they are very open-minded to promotions.
  4. Talk Radio: Riders are perfect! The most overeducated musical group in history with a Doctorate in Theoretical Plasma Physics, a Masters in English Education and a Bachelors in Wildlife Management, Riders In The Sky will be the most colorful guests they've heard in a longtime spicing up their political observations or topical comments with wacky western wit!



  1. Don't overlook Riders' homepage at http://www.ridersinthesky.com. Lots of information can be found, such as biographies, upcoming events and artwork. This can be very useful in printing program material and advertising.
  2. If your venue has a homepage feel free to link with Riders' site.
  3. Create an Evite invitation and encourage others to do the same. It is a very creative way to get the word out and invite large numbers of people in a personal and fun way.



_ Make sure you invite the kids! Invite preschool & early grade-school children to enjoy one of the most wholesome and family value oriented concerts in show business. Contact the Board of Education to aid you in reaching this valuable ticket-buying audience. Offer discounted or children-priced tickets to encourage attendance. Kindergartens, Montessori Schools and Day Care Centers are excellent places to display posters.

_ Sell co-op advertising sponsorships to local businesses to underwrite your show costs. Point of purchase displays and in-store postering should be utilized in record stores, book stores, music stores and western wear & boot outlets. Don't overlook high traffic possibilities such as banks, car dealerships and restaurants as well. Incorporate contests such as "Win an autographed Riders In The Sky guitar" for in-store visits or test drives.

_ Sponsors could receive:

  • a) Name printed on newspaper ads & posters
  • b) Name mentioned in radio & TV spots
  • c) Title sponsor only gets name on tickets
  • d) Free tickets for employees or contest winners
  • e) Meet & greet / autograph session before/after concert for employees or winners

_ Utilize your sponsors' retail shops, offices and bank branches as ticket outlets.

_ Movie Theatres - Because the icon of the American Cowboy is so closely related to the western cowboy movies, a Riders In The Sky concert is a perfect tie-in for a cross-promotion with your local movie theatre. Trade out concert tickets for an in theatre lobby display. Have Riders' concert ticket stubs good for a discount on late night movie tickets or other low traffic / slowtime shows at the movie theatre. You can also buy or barter for pre-movie big screen advertising from the theatre.

_ Contact the Chamber of Commerce, hotels and convention centers to find out if any conferences are being held the same day. "Out-of-towners" are excellent potential ticket buyers who are looking for unusual evening entertainment after their seminar. Contact the convention's marketing director or coordinator.

_ Let the City Fathers know that Riders In The Sky are coming to town. Arrange for a special presentation of the Key To The City to garner additional free publicity. A theme for this could be "Carrying on the Tradition of The Cowboy Way.



  • Get into the western spirit "The Cowboy Way."
  • Create "Sheriff's Badge" pins that announce the show date for personnel to wear.
  • "Dress" your venue for the upcoming Riders In The Sky concert. Create a western storefront look, or create a lobby display utilizing saddles, lariats, cowboy hats & boots, cardboard standup cactus, etc. Utilize your marquee to announce the concert as a show for "Cowboys & Cowgirls of all ages."
  • Have your ushers and ticket takers dress in their finest western regalia.
  • Utilize pre-show contests:
    • a) Riders In The Sky, or Gunsmoke characters look-alike contest.
    • b) On stage roping contest - cowgirls can rope an eligible bachelor of their choice. Proceeds can go to local charity or law enforcement organizations.
    • c) "Quarter-til Quick Draw" where sponsors donate prizes that winners draw for 15 minutes prior to the show.
  • Insert fliers in your other concert programs.
Appearance Poster

Appearance Poster

America's Favorite Cowboys
Bringing Good Beef to Hungry People!

Download PDF version (164MB)

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Change Me
Appearance Poster

High Resolution Photos

Click thumbnails below for hi-resolution .TIFF images.

silver jubilee

Music: Silver Jubilee

Disc One:
1. Texas Plains
2. Cool Water
3. Back In The Saddle Again
4. Compadres In The Old Sierra Madres
5. Sidekick Heaven
6. Blue Bonnet Lady
7. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
8. The Line Rider
9. We're Burnin' Moonlight
10. Phantom Of The Chuckwagon
11. La Malaguena
12. Here Comes The Santa Fe
13. The Arms Of My Love
14. Salting Of The Slug
15. Way Out There
16. Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Disc Two:
1. Ride Cowboy Ride
2. Ringo
3. The Biscuit Blues
4. Lonely Yukon Stars
5. That's How The Yodel Was Born
6. Blue Montana Skies
7. Woody's Roundup
8. Reincarnation / Sundown In Santa Fe
9. My Oklahoma Bonus Tracks (Live At the Renaissance)
10. Wah-Hoo
11. Early Autumn
12. Rawhide
13. You're Wearing Out Your Welcome Matt
14. Questions
15. There's A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder
16. Riders Radio Theatre Medley/So Long Saddle Pals
17. The Cowboy Way
Download the Silver Jubilee double album in 256kbps MP3 format
silver jubilee
stage plot

Stage Plot

Riders In The Sky Stage Plot

Riders In The Sky Stage Plot PDF
stage plot

Radio Spot

Career Milestones

Riders In The Sky career odometer has rolled over once again, and we celebrate 38 years of taking Good Beef to Hungry People. How can it possibly be still fresh and fun for us and our audiences? I don’t know, but it is, and that’s what keeps us pushing the herd up and down the twisting trails of this beautiful Western landscape of wacky imagination and pure cowboy music. Here’s a saddlebag full of statistics for the young whippersnapper bands and future historians to shake their heads at and say, “Whoa! This band likes to play!”

  • Appearances…….6895 (averaging every other day for 38 years)
  • Miles Traveled…. 4,445,700
  • Vehicles Driven Past the Point of Recognition…14 (including 3 we actually drove the wheels off of)
  • Windshields Cracked….every single doggone cotton pickin’ one
  • Gallons of Fossil Fuel burned….438,696
  • Years as Members of the Grand Ole Opry….33
  • States Appeared In…..50
  • Countries Appeared In…..13
  • Albums recorded….37
  • Grammy Winning Albums….2
  • Unjustly Overlooked Albums…..35
  • Wives….12
  • Kids……22
  • Kids per Wife….1.8
  • Grandkids…..13
  • Great Grandkids….1
  • Elective Surgeries….14
  • Total Yodels….48,265
  • Yodels per Appearance…7
  • Total Yucks Onstage….341,991
  • Yucks per Appearance….49.6
  • Total Yucks Offstage……a trillion. Easily.
  • Number of Times We’ve Been Asked “Where’s Woody?”….”as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore”
  • Guitar Strings Broken Onstage…..23
  • Fiddle Bows Broken Onstage……3
  • Bass Bridges Broken Onstage…..1
  • Wind Broken Onstage…..7128
  • Electric Campfires…….5
  • Autograph Sharpies Worn to a Nub….5,777 (note to Management: Sharpie endorsement deal?)
  • Times Woody Walked Onstage with His Fly Open….117 (“It’s part of my image.”)
  • Favorite Business Philosophy…”If they’ve got the dough, we’ve got the show.” (Thanks Ray Benson)
  • Folks Who Loved the Show and Clamored to See It Again….7,489,233
  • Folks Who Despised the Show and Threw Beer Bottles at Us….9 (Thanks, beer-sodden Louisville frat boys)
  • Folks Who Took a Nice Nap During the Show…..18,725 (Ah, those matinee bus tours)
  • White House Appearances….4
  • Waffle House Appearances….54 (“Steak and eggs, and a grilled cheese  w/ tomato to go!)
  • Wacky Diets…..92 (all carbs, no carbs, all meat, no meat, all sugar, no sugar, “nothing but fruit before noon and then you can eat anything you want,” flexatarian, “1/2 gallon butter pecan ice cream per day and that’s it”)
  • Road Food Obsessions…..211 (chitlins/souse/menudo, Red Hots/Atomic Fireballs, truck stop hot dogs “Just three for me. I’m cutting back,” Gates Kansas City Barbecue “May I help you?,” Joe’s Village Inn Chicago Pizza, RT’s Seafood in Alexandria, that great little roach coach across the street from The Wizard of Bras in Pasadena
  • Drunken Women Forcibly Ejected from Bus….1
  • Favorite Introduction…..”So here they are…The Hayseed Pioneers!”
  • Times We’ve Said “It’s the Cowboy Way!”…..38,940 (And we still mean it.)
Christmas the Cowboy Way

Christmas the Cowboy Way

Show Synopsis:

Hear the Christmas Yodel resounding! It's a great big western ho-ho-ho from "America's Favorite Cowboys" Riders In The Sky! Those wacky, four-part harmonizing cowboys have spruced up the bunkhouse, donned their sequined yuletide outfits, and loosed their vivid imaginations to create a holiday musical fantasy for Saddle Pals of all ages. Christmas The Cowboy Way will feature their unique "brand" of cowboy humor sprinkled with a dash of holiday spice which includes original songs like "Riding Home On Christmas Eve," "Deck The Bunkhouse Walls," and "The Last Christmas Medley You'll Ever Need To Hear." You will also be invited to join Riders in singing traditional holiday classics such as "I'll Be Home For Christmas", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and others. And all this yuletide charm is augmented with the classic, western favorites Riders have been singing for 30 years. So put on your merry cheer and saddle up and ride! You're invited to spend a holiday evening Christmas The Cowboy Way!

Brief Show Description:

Multi-Grammy Award winning Riders In The Sky's presentation of "Christmas the Cowboy Way" blends together a festive mix of western music classics, traditional Christmas music, and Riders' original yuletide carols in a holiday spectacular sure to delight Saddle Pals of all ages.

Download PDF Version (15 MB)
Christmas the Cowboy Way

Roy Rogers

Show Synopsis:

Join Riders In The Sky in a thrilling ride to yesteryear as they salute iconic western movie, music and TV star Roy Rogers, undisputed “King of the Cowboys.”

“King of the Cowboys – Riders In The Sky Salute Roy Rogers” is a 90 minute multi-media romp featuring audience-friendly favorites from Roy’s long career that include “Don’t Fence Me In,” “Pecos Bill,” “Happy Trails” and more, all appearing on the Riders’ latest album saluting Roy Rogers, and wrapped up in Riders’ two-time Grammy-winning high yodeling style.

Film clips of Roy’s greatest moments on screen with Trigger, Dale Evans and the Sons of the Pioneers are featured, as well as a film montage tribute to “The Greatest Sidekick of ‘Em All: Gabby Hayes!”

Ranger Doug, preeminent singing cowboy historian, provides some biographical fun facts about Roy’s life, from his humble beginnings as Leonard Slye from Duck Run, OH, to one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, and his influence on a generation of musicians and western entertainers.

“Roy was my idol, plain and simple,” says Rider Too Slim. “This show will trigger (sorry about that) a lot of memories for folks our age, and introduce new genera- tions to a wonderful man and artist who deserves to be celebrated. See you there, saddlepals!”